How to Un-Brick Your iPhone

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Many of us have probably jailbroken our iDevices before. When you jailbreak, there are plenty of risks you are taking to do it. One of the big ones is bricking your iPhone. You know your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is bricked when you turn on the device to boot up, and it just stays on the Apple logo, and won’t come to the slide to unlock screen. Nevertheless, your iDevice is unusable.

Bricking of the device can occur after a jailbreak, where your phone’s processor can’t handle it. This also can happen after upgrading your software. Most of the time, your IPhone is bricked because it has too much data (usually apps) for the iDevice to load. Sometimes this can happen even when you are not trying to jailbreak or anything of that matter, but Apple doesn’t want to tell you that there is a free way to fix it, so they want you to get a completely new phone. If your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad is bricked just follow this easy tutorial to get your iDevice back to its original state.


The bricked device

A USB dock connector

A USB 2.0 Port on your Computer

iTunes 10 installed (Preferably to upgrade to the latest software)

1. First, make sure that the iPhone is still working. Power it on and see if the Apple logo comes on. Sometimes, bricking your iPhone can shut it down completely.

2. Completely power off the iPhone by holding the home and power button until it turns off. Now you should load up iTunes, but DO NOT connect the iPhone yet. But make sure the USB cable is plugged in WITHOUT the iPhone plugged in.

3. Now, take the iPhone and hold the home button. Keep holding the home button and plug the connector into the iPhone whilst holding the home button. The Apple logo should pop up.

4. Now, the iPhone will be seen as in recovery mode. This will make you restore the phone before you can do anything. Once restored, you can put all of your data back on, and sync all of your apps, music, etc.

Many people have asked me about this, and I find this the easiest way. There is a much harder way where you replace a file with a new codename that will make it work, but it is very complicated, and I advise you not to tamper with the iTunes root files.

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  1. rez says:

    hi i dont know if my iphone 4 ios 5.1 is bricked but it is stuck on the apple logo and when i try to tether boot it again it just gets stuck on the pineapple logo for a couple minutes then goes back to the apple logo i tried to restore but itunes gives me all these errors like error 1394 and 1600 and then 2005 please help me

  2. Andrew says:

    Awsome info this web site has been extremely helpful

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