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A few days ago I posted an article about antidOte, which at the time I thought was going to be a new jailbreak that makes your iPhone safer. I will say up front that I was wrong, at least, partially.

AntidOte is not a jailbreak, but rather a tool to use alongside jailbreaking.

AntidOte is a tool that brings ASLR security to iOS devices.

Here is the latest information about AntidOte.

As stated above, AntidOte is NOT a jailbreak, but rather a soulution to security problems that jailbreaking opens up. This means you must already be jailbroken to use AntidOte; therefore no new exploit is used (meaning you will jailbreak with RedSnOw, PwnageTool, or GreenPoisOn, if it, or any other jailbreak is available by AntidOte’s release date).

The way AntidOte works, as I have explained in an article last week, is by utilizing ASLR technology to randomize the memory space around which the jailbreak exploit is stored. This in no way means your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is totally hack-proof, but it puts up a much stronger barrier than just changing your root Password.

Anyone with an iDevice running iOS 4.2 can use AntidOte, however reports show that some of the older firmwares do not support it.

AntidOte releases on December 24th, and shortly there after, we will be sure to update with a post on how to use it, what firmwares are supported and etc.

Do you plan to use this security tool? Let us know!

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  1. Race says:

    Oh yeah as soon as it’s availabl

  2. xavier says:

    will this support ios 4.1 ?

    • Greg says:

      I’m not sure right now, I’m sure we will know once it releases, all that is known right now is that some of the older firmwares are not supported, but i’ve seen no details on which ones are. Sorry! I’ll post an article as soon as I know.

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