Verizon Currently Only has 3.6% of the iPhones in Use.

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Since the announcement of the iPhone, people have been wondering how many people actually made the change over to Verizon for the iPhone. It turns out that it isn’t as much as you’d expect.

The Mobile Ad Firm, Chitika, established a live tracker that traces the number of Verizon iPhones in use. As of now, the number stands at 3.6%, leading to the conclusion that Verizon has sold about one million of its latest smartphone in the week of sales.

While this is a rough estimate, as many iPhones are not touching Chitika’s network, it gives a pretty good guesstimate to how successful the iPhone has been.

That number can be expected to rise when the iPhone 5 or 4GS shows up this summer and many people from AT&T will have expiring contracts and want to switch to the Big Red while staying with an iPhone.

Is this what you expected from Verizon’s first week iPhone sales? Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Pedro says:

    That’s actually pretty good…especially for one week.

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