Verizon iPhone before Valentine’s Day?

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After countless rumors of the iPhone coming to the Verizon network, it looks like it might finally come true.  There have been numerous reports that a CDMA capable iPhone will be unveiled sometime in 2011.  The debut of this new iPhone may come sooner than expected.

According to a report in Businessweek, Apple seems to be poised to host another one of their famous product presentations.  The Cupertino based company is expected to make the announcement of an iPhone capable of running on Verizon’s network, sometime before Valentine’s Day.   It was rumored at one point, that a Verizon iPhone could be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  CES 2011 is set to be held on January 6th -9th.  So, if this is true, we can expect the big news sometime between January 9th and February 14th.  While, it is unclear how they came to the conclusion that Valentine’s Day was the cutoff, author Peter Burrows writes, “Apple’s introduction of an iPhone for use on Verizon’s network will come sometime after the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January, according to a person familiar with Apple’s plans who is not authorized to discuss them publicly.”

Burrows also goes on to discuss some of the possible effects that a Verizon iPhone could have.  If AT&T loses its exclusive deal with Apple, it could suffer large amounts of loss in revenue, but not enough to cause major damage.  With the introduction of the iPhone 4, AT&T managed to get 15 million of its 23 million iPhone users, to extend their contract another two years.  AT&T also increased their early termination fees this summer from $175 to $375.  This would make most people think twice before switching carriers.  Also, as if in preparation for the loss of their exclusive iPhone deal, AT&T has began expanding their selection of smartphones. Adding a wide selection of Android™ powered and Windows® based phones could help to reduce the loss in revenue.

Is a Verizon iPhone a good or bad thing? What does this mean for the other carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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