Verizon Wireless sold 4.2 million iPhones

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Verizon Wireless’ Chief Financial Office Fran Shammo told attendees at a conference today that Verizon has sold 4.2 million iPhone during the holiday quarter according to Bloomberg. The numbers reported by Shammo show that Verizon has more than doubled iPhone sales from previous quarters. The demand for an iPhone 4S and cheaper iPhone 4 likely spiked up the numbers during the influx of customers during the holidays. Some of previous numbers released by Verizon had suggested that the iPhone sale numbers were a disappointment considering the high demand for the smart phone on Verizon since the release of the original iPhone.

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Apple’s fiscal Q1 earnings call is coming up on Jan. 24, where we will hear the total number of iPhones sold during the holiday quarter. We will also hear specific numbers from Sprint and AT&T in the coming weeks. Last quarter’s total amount of iPhones sold should blow out any previous quarters with some experts putting estimates as high as 35 million.

While iPhone numbers have gone up drastically with the release of the 4S and with the inclusion of Verizon and Sprint on launch day for an iPhone, Verizon and Sprint’s numbers have been considerably lower than AT&T’s numbers. With the announcement of the iPhone on Verizon, some industry analysts believed that the iPhone on Verizon could devastate the company.

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