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This summer the company Emotional Robots have been working on their launch title for the iOS platform, called Warm Gun. I did a small piece about it a while ago, but even just that short time ago, things were no where near the stage they are now. That is to say, Warm Gun has been submitted to Apple for consideration about being added to the App Store. There should be no issue with them getting approved, especially with how close they have been working with Apple and Epic Games. They promised the release at the end of the summer, and coincidentally, today is the final day of summer. True to their word, we should see the game any time now.

Other titles that use the Epic engine the game look stunning. Sadly there were not as many people who picked up the ball after Infinity blade left its resounding mark, there have been not many other titles to speak of. The Unreal engine creates an amazing atmosphere to play in, and Emotional Robots did not pull any punches with the design. I have spoken about the detail of the levels and the multiple characters and weapon choices, but recently I was selected to be part of their beta access. For the past week, I have been playing the game, trying it out, trying to learn how to beat the AI characters.

Bottom line?

The game is fun. It is like having your gaming PC in your pocket when you play it. As someone who really likes to play First Person Shooters, this is a big statement. I wasn’t sure that the good looks of the game were going to be enough to make me want to pull out my phone and actually play it. But it really is. I find myself with the same kind of thrill of wanting to actually get better at the game, wanting to actually beat the AI, wanting to be good enough to click the online mode. This is something I love about video games, I love being able to actually feel the thrill of getting better at the game, and learning the character that I have chosen. Warm gun gives that exact same feeling. You get to progress, learn complex level designs and learn the different characters that are best for certain levels and schemes.

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The thing that I enjoy the most about playing Warm Gun is the newness of it. It feels like something I would play on my computer, and I like that. I play games on my PC, and I like the feel of pulling out my phone and getting a similar experience. This is something I feel that iOS does right in a lot of ways. The games that they put out, are good. They are good solid games, and Apple offers some really good ways for developers to get their product out into people’s hands. Warm Gun really did take advantage of all that.

I have to applaud Emotional Robots, because they really did think outside the box. They didn’t just go through the motions and make a game that was a standard $.99 app. They used all the things at their fingertips and created something that is going to be well worth it for people to play. They didn’t stop at the the things that other companies thought was enough, they went the extra bit, worked hard, and created something great. I can’t wait to see others reaction to the game, I know I loved it, and will continue to pull it out of my pocket and load up a quick deathmatch.



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