Warm Gun for iOS

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There are certainly a plethora of games out there for the iPhone and iPad. There are even a large number of games that are very good. One of the reasons that the App store succeeds so much is because they know how screen their applicants, and reward the better games with better marketing. Rather than having to sort through large amounts of garbage to get to one good game, you are more than likely able to find a good game either on the front page, or within the first few pages if the top hits don’t suite your interest. This being said, the games out there are only getting better. As time goes on and developers learn how to utilize the full potential of iOS and the game engines that support it, we can only expect to see a rise in quality. Titles like Infinity Blade and Rage HD, have set the standards pretty high, as far as graphics and depth of the game go. However, as a gamer I can tell you there is one area that they haven’t really tapped into yet, and I feel left out because of it.

FPS games are among my favorite titles to play on a PC, console, or mobile device. I love the feeling of moving my character around in a 3D environment and still having the coordination to shoot something in the head. Many video game enthusiasts will agree with me when I say that this genre is under-supported in the mobile market. While titles like Rage HD come close, being a rail shooter, (which is still first person, but the element of movement is controlled by the computer), they are not true FPS, zombie shooting standards. Don’t get me wrong though, Rage HD is a great game and I have lost many hours of my life to it in my time, but it just isn’t the same as a true FPS.

What my two paragraphs of rambling about games comes to mean is this. There is a champion on the horizon. “Warm Gun” from Emotional Robots is coming. A true First Person Shooter with two digital sticks to control and move around the screen, you have complete control of your character as you move through the maps. There are a number of unique maps that show off the creativity of the designers and the depth of their creation. Also with 4 unique characters to choose from, there will be plenty of room for people to choose a playing style and develop a way to rack up their score. Using the Unreal Engine for development has allowed the Developers at Emotional Robots to really put something on the market that hasn’t been seen before. The graphics are amazing and with the high frame rates that they are showing off, I can only imagine how smooth the game truly will be.

There are two modes of play, and the latter is the one that has me really excited for their ‘end of summer’ release date. Offline mode allows the player to play against a number of bots. A nice quick deathmatch against the computer allows the player to really start up a game any time anywhere and get some good violence in their day. And then of course, Online mode. This allows a number of players to play one another through a local connection. I am unsure of the details surrounding multiplayer since they are still in development, but even the ability to be able to play people over a local networks sounds awesome to me.

This all being said, I can say that I am very excited to see what kind of product comes out of the minds of Emotional Robots and their Warm Gun. It is good to see that while companies like Nintendo have to take personal hits to their business just to lower prices on their products, companies like Emotional Robots can still work things out to put out a quality product. So here is to hope that the ‘end of summer’ comes sooner than later.

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