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NewImageThere are a number of new rumors flying around at the moment about the new iPhone-that-must-not-be-named. The conflicting reports seem to indicate that there is going to be an iPhone that looks exactly like the iPhone 4 with no massive physical upgrades. This goes along with a lot of theories about the new iPhone being just a speed bump to the iPhone 4. With the massive success of the iPhone 4, that does stand to reason that there isn’t a whole lot that needs to be changed. With the advancements in the android market, one could say that the iPhone 4 is starting to show its age. I disagree however, the iPhone 4 is an incredible piece of technology that seems to be holding its own. I would rather have a reliable phone that does its job and still looks sexy while doing it, than a phone that not only looks and feels clunky, but can’t even manage its own tasks without crashing.

I’m not going to let this turn into an Android hating post, but I will say that despite the fact that there are a lot of features out there that people are excited to have on the new iPhone, I feel that the iPhone 4 is still an amazingly reliable phone. If it is true, and these parts are telling a story of the 3GS all over again, I don’t think it would be the end of the world. Would a nice shiny A5 processor be pretty sweet in my phone, yes. Would more RAM be welcome, yes. Would that be enough for me to upgrade my phone, probably not.

For me the key factors for my upgrade are most likely going to be a bigger screen and a sturdier design. I am one of the old school supporters. Brushed aluminum for everything I say! I would love to see a return to such designs, but I know better. Going backwards is not one of Apples traits.

N94 front panel front

However, as I said before, there are some parts that seem to indicate that the screen size could change and grow. And also some new internals such as a dual band chip and better camera. Could we be looking at two sets of parts? Could we be looking at two different phones. Who knows. Apple is mischievous in these kinds of things, and I would not be surprised to see either of the outcomes when it finally does get announced.

As always I don’t believe anything until it comes out of Steve…I mean, Tim Cook’s mouth.

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