ZAGG Invisible Shield Review for iPhone 4

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The ZAGG Invisible Shield for the iPhone is one of the most popular screen protectors on the market. It is created by the same protectors for helicopters and has sold a lot protectors for any devices that you have. This iPhone 4 screen protector was provided by MobileFun. They are a great website with a bunch of great products for all of your mobile products.

So what do I think about one of the most popular screen protectors on the market? Read on below.

What Comes in the Package

Unlike most screen shields, the Invisible Shield is like most screen shields. The package comes with a back screen protector and front screen protector. In addition you get a very large microfiber cleaning cloth, the application solution, a squeegee and an instruction manual. Considering the high price tag, I would’ve liked to see another screen protector alongside the package, but I guess you have to make do with what you get. You do get a life time warranty with the screen protector so if something were to happen to your screen protector, you can always send them back to Zagg for a replacement screen protector.


The application process was both the easiest and among the hardest applications I have ever done on a screen shield. It was quite difficult due to the fact that it was a wet application. However it being a wet application screen protector, it was easy to rid of the bubbles in the protector as well as the tiny pieces of dust and particles of crud. Application took about 5 minutes. To apply, you spray the solution on your fingers so you dont get your finger prints on the protector as well as spraying the solution on the back of the screen protector. You then align the cameras and the home button hole and then simply apply it. If you need to re apply due to misalignment, you can just pull it off, spray your fingers and reapply.


The screen shield leaves your phone absolutely spotless. With this screen shield on, you won’t be gaining any more scratches on your phone than you already have on your phone.This among the best screen protectors on your phone as it will protect every edge of your screen. In addition to not leaving scratches on your phone, the screen protector itself does not gain any scratches while it is in use. If there are any bubbles on your screen shield at the time of application, there will disappear after a couple of days after application. The screen shield also feels “soft” on your phone. When you scratch it, it absorbs your finger as a result and really feels great while you are using it. As a result, you get an easy to apply screen shield that has no bubbles and protects your phone really well.


There are not many cons with this screen shield. One of the major cons of the screen shield is that it has an orange peel effect when it is put into the light. As a result, when you are looking at your phone, there is a somewhat odd effect that makes the screen shield look like an orange peel. While this isn’t major, it is a slight annoyance that you may or may not get used to. Another con is that the screen shield is slightly large so it may not fit with all cell phone cases.


This is by far the best screen shield that I have ever used. I highly recommend that you check this out on Mobile Fun!

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  1. chad says:

    you call that a warranty???

    these guys ripped me off and there damn good at it.

    i paid 40 dollars for a shield that lasted about 3 days, and in order to get a new replacement theres credit card charges and mailing charges, and all around a huge hastle!!

    believe me, if you want to no tbe ripped off dont buy this shield for your iphone 4!

    you can get 2 for 15 dollars at apple store and there better than this crap fromn zagg… beacause they stay on!!!

    thanks alot zagg, for nothing, and believe me, this wont be my last review.

  2. chad says:

    they wanted 15 dollars to ship the new shield to me! that thing weighs about 3 grams! theres no way the cost of shipping is taht much, which means there most likely pocketing the rest. plus another 15 dollars for a total of 30, they wantedto authorize my credit card for.. this is on top of teh 40 i already paid for this ONE shield… which lasted a few days beofre it started to peel around teh edges!!!

    thats not much of a WARRANTY id it?

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